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Friday, May 06, 2011

victory is... OWIE!

i'm really rocking my goals this week. yesterday, i slept later than planned and wasn't on the first train to the gym, or the second or the third.

so i mapped a 2 mile route around my neighborhood and jogged the shit out of it. after about a quarter mile i realized that my route (2.05 mile loop) was mostly uphill. which i realize sounds geographically impossible, but i sweartogod it's true. and i was dying. i thought i would quit before i'd managed a half a mile and walk home in shame.

but i didn't.

i jogged, feeling like i was going about one mile an hour, the whole way (pausing for two or three traffic lights, because i am so not cool enough to jog in place at a light) back to my block. i estimate my block is .05 miles, so i walked it home once i turned on to it. it took me about 31 minutes, so my normal "running" pace of 15 minute miles. WHOA.

then i tried a yoga video and i pulled something that made breathing while laying in my preferred sleeping positions painful, so i slept badly and skipped the 6am spin class today. but i'm still getting 5 workouts this week! i'm also nursing a sore hip flexor and a weird toe pain, so i'm giving in and heading to the fancy running store to consider new shoes. and compression pants because, dude, i can FEEL my loose skin bouncing around. awful.

i registered for my memorial day 5k today, oh yes i did.


other goals are fine and dandy. i made 5 days of breakfasts yesterday and packed salad today. it's a week into may and i have spent just $5 (on two lattes)! tomorrow i have to navigate mass-market "italian" food with the inlaws. not sure if it will be carrabba's or olive garden, but neither is listed in the ww database, so i have some legwork to do...

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