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Sunday, May 22, 2011

what for

this weekend was a crazy whirlwind. after selling everything we own, giving away our pets and quitting out jobs, we were shocked --SHOCKED-- to actually have to attend my grandma's birthday party today when we weren't raptured.

i'm kidding, obvs, i've been obsessively planning every detail of this outfit for weeks. and even if a) we believed that the rapture was real/coming, b) we would not have been on the list. atheist! my grandmother (beloved, and best friend) hissed to her college roommate, a nun, and her priest friend. GUILTY!

so. this is apparently me giving my brother (cropped to protect the innocent) what for. but... i dunno what for. it's about the only decent, non "get closer!" picture we got of me today. so it's what ya get.

it's also one of the few pics in which i was not aware my photo was being taken, so i let my bat wings flap in the wind.

and, yes, i got a spray tan and look like an oompla loompa. i'm not proud of it... and i wish i'd just gotten my legs done.

so. i guess this is a photo update. i don't have a "before" handy, so you'll have to go looking for it if you want to see.

there were a lot of questions. lots and lots of these people haven't seen me since my wedding (or before) and most of the people i spoke with had asked someone who i was. one cousin apparently asked my SISTER who the "stunning woman in the red dress" was. which, gosh, embarrassing, overwrought, and HELL YEAH, MTHERFCKR! there were a few whispered how much, how long, HOWs?? but many people stuck to you look wonderfuls and i didn't recognize yous. i wish i'd worn my hair in a less matronly updo, but my plans for a loose braid were repeated thwarted by... my hair... and i'd had to change plans last-minute.

this morning, after many beers, bar food and a cookout yesterday, i weighed 153.2. this is about 82 pounds down. i'm also in the best shape of my life. the dress is a medium from ann taylor loft. i would say, given the spanx, i should have worn a small. i had to tie the belt pretty tight and tuck some errant folds of jersey into it. i'm 5'3" but closer to 5'8" in these heels. (still apparently shorted than my baby brother.)

i really, really loved wearing a retina-searing dress and insane heels and feeling pretty good. i'm looking forward to how i'll feel when i knock out the rest of the weight and get my arms tucked.

i did poorly with my goals this week. i worked out 4 times, but haven't tracked since friday and probably went waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay over my daily & earned points this weekend. new week tomorrow!

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