count down to goal

Friday, September 04, 2009

all or nothing

why can't i seem to find some balance? the past two nights i've been so tired, i mean SO TIRED, that i haven't worked out. shit, i've barely gotten up in the morning for work. so have i failed? i hope not. am i going to weigh 165 in less than three weeks? maybe. probably not. did i need pizza and fries and cake and chips last night? no.

i'm sort of scared right now. i'm scared of a lot of things, and worried about a lot more.


i wrote a long post about all the shit i'm worried about and felt like a whiny little bitch. i've seen the man who had no feet. i know better.


Anonymous said...

you are SO close to your goal. Keep it up! What is three weeks, really! You can do this.

L.A said...

i understand how you feel.
But, if you keep like that you will gain a lot more..
It's scary.
But I know you can do it!

RachelB said...

Don't be scared. You are doing a phenomenal job!