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Thursday, September 24, 2009

day 2 of 101

second day, absolutely on point. better than the first, actually.

i know there's this whole "hot 100" or whatev going around where everyone's making goals for the last 100 days of the year, but i started a day early, originally planning for a 90-day burst of kickass. i GUESS i'll go through the end of the year, but i might very well call it quits (or just lose steam) around my original end date: december 23. (oooooh, i need a ticker.)

tonight the mister and i are celebrating our anniversary at our favorite restaurant: a creperie. my intentions for this evening (when it was scheduled for monday, the day BEFORE the getting-down-to-business) were to enjoy the heck out of a fancy belgian beer, a pate appetizer, a savory crepe and a sweet crepe. with a possibly after dinner limoncello (LOVE). but i think i'm going to have club soda, a savory crepe (ham, egg & roasted leek, no cheese) and half a sweet, if i can talk the man into splitting. if not, no sweet for me. the side effect is that our check will drop a good $50 ($18.5 for the pate alone, though, which i might have skipped anyway since it's $$ and he won't eat any).

tomorrow night we're planning a dinner of whole wheat pasta and homemade (already made it, in fact) bolognase, saturday i have to bake all day and then pizza for my grandfather-in-law's birthday-- there will be a 64 ounce fountain coke zero in the kitchen with me, no kidding, since i'm making lots of sweets for my brother to take when he moves out of state this weekend, for, like, ever. sunday we have a bowling party where i will drink lots of diet soda and, god help me this is my plan, avoid eating through strategic cigarettes and gum.

i'm losing this weight, goddamnit.

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