count down to goal

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

one day down.

so, since i had class yesterday and we didn't go out for our anniversary, i just did my best. not in an "i'm DOING my BEST" kinda way, in an "i am doing my very best and you can't stop me!" kinda way. my favorite thing is when i hop on the scale for my daily check (to make sure i haven't ballooned up to 236 pounds in my sleep, of course) and see a number way prettier than the previous day. like 171.8. that's what doing my best gets me.

and i think i learned a valuable lesson: sometimes, doing your best means having an ounce and a half of schnapps on the rocks instead of mindlessly grazing late at night.

i'm totally not getting that job i applied for. balls.

plan for today: do my very, very best.

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