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Friday, September 18, 2009

pour some sugar on me

... or just let me mainline it?

i've eaten something sweet every day this week. yesterday, two. and i'm not talking about a square of high-quality dark chocolate, i'm talking about a sticky bun so big that i don't think the center had been cooked at all; i'm talking about a decadent chocolate mousse thing with three different kinds of chocolate that cost $5.75 and was worth it; i'm talking about chocolate-covered convenience store doughnuts; i'm talking about a toasted apple-cinnamon bagel with a giant glob of cream cheese; i'm talking about the cookies that used to be good from 7-11, the sugar cookies with mini m&m's peppering the top.

last night i ate at least two of those things... plus a huge-- HUGE-- bowl of tj's high fiber cereal with melted chocolate chips. WHO DOES THAT?

(well, okay, it's wasn't that bad a choice: probably 400 calories and 200 of them fiberful.)

whoa. WHOA. what's happening to me?

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Anonymous said...

it is the power of sugar! step away from the sweetness!!