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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


i have no motivation.


i keep eating mostly well during the work day because a) it's easy and b) it feels good. but then at night... well, lets just say this weekend i bought 4 single-serving ben & jerry's mint chocolate cookie and a pint of h-d peanut brittle swirl (I KNOW). and my stationary bike? in addition to being out of commission-- the man says it's broken-- is suspiciously resembling a clothes hanger. well, yes, the track is still there, but no there's KIDS, if you can believe the nerve, practicing their SPORTS and their MARCHING WHILE PLAYING AWFUL MUSIC... though if that men's soccer team is back, THAT might get me back to it.


so, uh, any motivation suggestions?

oh, and 173.0. right where i was... at the beginning of last month. and probably a million months before. at least i can maintain.


b- fiber cereal, peanuts & chocolate chips (250)
l- greek yogurt & banana (225)
s- grape tomatoes (um, 25?)
d- quesadillas (500)

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