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Thursday, September 10, 2009

narrow escape

171.2. not half bad.

i think my scale is just plain wrong, though, cause i feel FAT. i feel 175-178. what's up with never noticing fluctuation until i was down like 50 pounds?? now i know that joy that is bloat, water retention and muffin top in jeans that fit YESTERDAY.

i ate 1300 calories yesterday, but at least 450 of them were nutritionally void. (unless mini m&m's have some vital nutrient in them? oooh, i bet the pretzel salt was IODIZED. score! nutrition!) i didn not work out.

today i ate a 250 calorie, high-fiber breakfast. i won't be home to munch in the evening, so i just have to brave lunch out with a girlfriend and a very quick dinner at home.

life is crazy right now. really. and i can't even say.

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Kelly said...

Can't wait to get to where you are!