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Friday, September 25, 2009

third day & went off the plan

last night, i planned to have club soda, a savory crepe, and half a sweet crepe. i was VERY hungry when we got there (around 6:45, super late for dinner for me). so i went off the plan... with a bowl of french onion soup, but i gave the big GLOB of cheese under the surface to the man. god. damn. it was good. and well worth the, what? 200 or so calories. totally.

we had an amazing dinner, even though i didn't get pate or beer or a whole dessert. i did forget that when you split a dessert they serve each half on its own plate, so i did get a (smallish) scoop of ice cream and squirt of whipped cream. which i realize i could have not eaten, but i did.

i'm pretty irritatingly *up* to 171.4 (from 171.0) today, but i'm blaming the soup-- even at a fancy restaurant it must be salty, right?? (noooooooooooooooooooo, it COULDN'T be the ICE CREAM!)

why isn't my shiny new ticker in DAYS? i wanted it in days. oh well, 3/101 with 98 to go.

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What a Splurge said...

You betcha it's the soup. Delicious?
Yes! But loaded with salt. In a day you'll be back to normal. Happens to me with Won Ton Soup ... every time. I enjoy your blog.