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Monday, September 14, 2009

running behind...

i had to buy new make-up over the weekend. i'm nearly out of my brow powder (after 4+ years, which, i know, you're not supposed to do) and my drugstore face powder just hasn't been cutting it anymore. i didn't go FULL OUT (i'm thinking gel eye-liner, that fab blush-for-people-with-races the recovering actor put on me, that awesome two-part concealer system and maybe some vairety in my eyeshadow) but i do feel terribly guilty. that was my "overweight" reward, and i'm still 6-7 pounds off of that.

i think. i didn't weight myself all weekend thanks to the time of the month. oh well.

b: fiber cereal with 1/8 cup peanuts & 1 tbs chocolate chips (250)
l: greek yogurt & pretzels (175)
d: probably squash risotto (400ish)

hm... fruit? more veg? i suck at this lately.

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