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Friday, February 05, 2010


yesterday i took the day off to take my grad school phone interview from home. dudes, it was great. she said-- and, if you can't tell from the quotation marks, this is a direct, verbatim quote, "it sounds like you've got a lot of potential and determination and you just need somebody to give you a chance."

now, what kind of sick bastard would say that and then NOT give me the chance, amirite?

anyway, then i cam down with an UNGODLY sore throat. conveniently after i ate fried rice (lunch out with the girlfriend i got a beer with the other night) and pizza and fries (our biweekly dinner out before dr. y). then i ate two pieces of chocolate AND a handful of woven wheats in the middle of the night. because my throat needed scratchy salt. i was fine for the day until the chocolate and even that was not far enough over to lose me my green check.

so, today i feel like complete ass. i have a lunch/cash exchange (so i can sign us up for the second spinning class) and a shit-ton of work to do. tonight i'm supposed to go to a birthday party, but... um, blizzard. tomorrow: blizzard. i'll sleep all damn day. sunday dinner with the inlaws, but other than that, i might sleep all day. actually, i'll probably hit up my little brother for my second training session. i'm not letting a little blizzard get in my way...

still seeing that 166.8. not sure why. tuesday at 164 isn't looking very promising. we'll see.

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