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Monday, February 08, 2010

totally not my fault!

okay, i STILL haven't gotten my second session in but that's because my trainer and i can't seem to connect! he's hoping for tomorrow... i'm looking at tomorrow's forecast. but we'll see. maybe if the storm comes later than expected i can get there and back before it's very bad.

i managed to keep MOSTLY within my calories all weekend, actually, i was probably fine on average: friday's curly fries + saturday sleeping all day no time to eat / 2 = on target.

i <3 math.

so. since i'm all sorts of anonymous here, even though i know at least two readers in real life and at least two others know my real name and super-secret location, i'm gonna get something off my chest here, since it's the only place i really can. (i don't see dr. y until NEXT week.)

um, not weight related starting NOW:

dude, you guys, i want to have a fucking baby. i mean, i don't particularly WANT to HAVE HAVE a baby (a diy baby, as we call it around these parts) but i want to bring home a baby and name it and love it and take seventy million pictures of it and... and...

i WANT a baby or two to be an available option. i want to be waiting for the time to be right FOR US, not for our bank accounts. i want our five-year-baby-plan to be in its fourth year, instead of its fourth first year.

and it's not happening because my husband is regressing.

my husband is smart. i mean, like, really fucking smart. like phd-by-thirty smart. except, of course, he's not going to have one. because he refuses to JUST FUCKING PICK a discipline. i'm not saying he should do something he doesn't love, and i'm the one who told him, a couple years ago, not to apply to 10 programs in five subjects, but COME ONE. he really, really, really likes five subjects. don'tcha think if he picked one and studied it, he'd love it?

why is he so complacent? why is he totally cool with telling people he's going for an med, an mls, an msw and then backing out? how can he face the same profs he asked to help him get a phd in anthropology to ask them to help him get a phd in linguistics?

i totally get why women marry men ten years older then them now. (i'm awful, right?)


so, i managed to get out to the grocery store this weekend (twice) and pack up my meals for today. go me! water is an important part of not turning this cough into bronchitis, so hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. i doubt there will be a workout today even though i know it's probably fine, because i think i'm just going to crash. man, i'm TIRED. and i think there will be big news tomorrow.

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Allison said...

Dude, I want to have a baby too. If it were up to my husband, we'd have one already. But I'm dragging my feet because a) I wanted to be in my job for at least one year before going through all that maternity leave stuff, b) I want to finish my master's degree! and not have to worry about that and pregnancy, and c) I constantly worry about money. I know people say that if you wait until you have enough money to have a baby, you'll never have one...but still.