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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

left to die on the oregon trail

wagon? what wagon??

i need to be in control. lately, it's been meals out, meals at my folks where we don't plate our portions in the kitchen (it works, ya'll), meals my dear husband makes because he feels guilty that we had a ginormous fight, take-out meals, i-can't-track-this-because-i-didn't-measure-it meals... it's no good!

and. and. and. the end result is 166.8. BAD.

so, today? new leaf day. track, track, track. ever notice how hard it is to get back on that wagon when you've slipped? it's all kinds of hard. even if you weren't off that long, or that far.

i packed my workout gear so i can head right over to my brother-trainer (henceforth known as bk). i packed my apple, clementines, woven wheats. my water. i at my ezekiel toast with natural pb and ab. i forgot my low-fat hebrew nationals, but i have almonds here. hubs is making dinner, but i can still measure, estimate and track.

so. i guess i sort of feel square one-ish. i'd hoped to see something like... 159 by the beginning of march. i don't think that's happening in two weeks. but it could. next week, i SPIN. TWICE. i'm really going to clean up my food. (more protein, less chocolate.) i'll work harder and harder.

i want to lose 2 pounds a week for the duration of my spinning class. that will put me down to about 145-147 by THE FAMILY WEDDING. not perfect, but i'll start running in may and make goal by my trip to florida in... the fall. september, october. one of those months.

goddamnit. i'm TIRED.

okay. off to track yesterday (happy new year, by the way, guess what we had for dinner??)

FOCUS: water, calories, nutrients, workout, tracking.

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