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Thursday, February 18, 2010

i've always sort of thought starvation mode was a crock...

so, basically, i've never believed in the starvation mode thing. i mean, sure, over an extended period of time, low to no body fat to burn, whatever, whatever... but the whole thing where if you slip under the magical 1200 calories a day you'll suddenly STOP losing weight? a crock. i'm pretty sure. but, you know, that's not really to say i think not eating anything is a good plan. i'm all for proper nutrition. and food is f'ing delicious.

i've been on 1200 a day since... january 4th. ish. and i've found it impossible to hold a loss. i've also been working out pretty hard in the strength training department. and next week (WEDNESDAY) i'll be tossing in some serious cardio. i just thought, look, calorieking says i should be eating 1350, my mom's cult says i should be eating 1350, maybe i should be eating 1350? i switched my target while lowering my fat target and increasing my protein target. (hello? i need to recover. i saw that on olympics biggest loser!)

this morning, i had the most amazing breakfast: 2 slices of ezekiel raisin bread dipped in 1/3 cup of egg whites with 1/2 tsp sugar, a splash of vanilla and a sprinkle of cinnamon cooked on a lightly buttered griddle. i think it comes to like 255 calories? with the protein of 2 egg whites? plus whatever's in the bread? not too shabby. and DELICIOUS.

it's going to be tough to fill in the calorie blanks without going over my fat, but that's the point, isn't it? i meant to eat some (pre-sectioned) grapefruit this morning, but i forgot. oops. lunch is turkey chili (from a can). daily snacks are: 2 clementines, a jazz apple, 12 almonds & 8 reduced guilt woven wheats. dinner will be at ruby tuesday's before dr. y. i sometimes have the petite sirloin... and i don't know what i'll have today.

so far, my husband and e (the girlfriend i'm taking the spinning classes with) have commented that i'll lose a TON of weight spinning an hour twice a week and lifting an hour twice a week. god, i hope they're right.

focus: water, nutrients, calories. rest up for a "serious leg day" tomorrow!

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Anonymous said...

spinning is going to kick your arse in a totally good way and it's the best calorie burner out there (from what I hear and have read). The couple times I did it, I loved it. I was unable to walk without wincing(seriously) the following day after my first class but I felt awesome. Have fun!

What are you using to track your calories? If I go through with this dietician thing, I guess they're going to make me track calories (which I dislike doing but will do it "for the cause").

p.s. that breakfast sounded awesome.