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Friday, February 12, 2010


so, sometimes my weight does a big DROP the day after i have a few drinks. which will be tomorrow, for those of you keeping score. but! i will also be eating a meal that i can't control! a vegetarian meal! possibly bad news. but! i will ALSO be getting my ass kicked for an hour!

in any event, the number that blinks before my scale settles on 165 is 163.something, so maybe?

can i say this? i watched (last week's?) biggest loser last night and... all those dudes have c-pap machines. whoa. also? i think sam is a) adorable and b) strong as shit. a + b = sexy.

i have nothing else to say. next week i'm going to have to start cutting some less, uh, useful foods out of my diet in preparation for SPINNING twice a week on top of my training twice a week. i need to be doing MORE with those 1200 calories.

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Anonymous said...

LOL @ less useful foods.