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Wednesday, February 03, 2010

a mad elf with turkish taffy legs

so, i went to my lil training session last night. i paid for 10 sessions and told him he had five weeks to get them in. or else what? i'd pay him some more? i don't know. i'm going back on saturday.

i did lots of things i didn't think i could do, to be honest. i did theses curl/press things where i curled up, rotated the weight 180* and then pressed overhead. i think i was working with 10 pounds? definitely more than 5, 7 at the least (i doubt he has plates that weigh less than a pound each). and i did three sets of them! 10, 8 and 10 again. i did "the game of fives" which was like five pulses at the top 25% of a curl, then five at the bottom, then five whole curls. those were 10 pounds (i think), too. i did 30 second bridges (what jillian calls a plank, but it's NOT)-- flat on the ground, with my feet on a bosu ball and then with my hands on the bosu ball. i did overhead triceps presses. i did these twisty squat things with a 6# medicine ball that sent my left glute into a terrifying spasm. and then i learned a great ass stretch. and then i did a turkish stand-up. actually, i did 16.

i had to cut out early, after just 40 minutes, because i was meeting a friend for a drink. i planned to have a leffe brun, the world's yummiest beer, but ended up getting a mad elf. and then another. and DAMN. i didn't feel drunk at any point, but i sure do feel hungover now. it probably doesn't help that i got to the top of the 2 flights of stairs from our floor to the parking lot and had to pause and REMEMBER how to walk down them. because omfg, my leeeeeeeeeeeegs. they hurt. i think that's why my mom calls that exercise "turkish taffy stand-ups."

so, this is where i stand:

this morning i was 166.8. which is good news. and i'm going to work hard today. i'm going to hit my calorie target (1200 calories). i'm going to meet my nutrient goals. i'm going to kick water's butt. i'm going to shred. i'm going to fold laundry and prep for my interview. i'm going to lose some goddamn weight.

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