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Friday, February 19, 2010

that magic number... 1,350?

one thousand, three hundred and fifty.

who remembers that song?
nine, nine, nine! that magic number nine! any number you can find, it all comes back to nine!
i don't know where it's from. sesame street? square one? where in the world is carmen san diego? i dunno. but listen, i think 1,350 is a magic number. after weighing in last week at 165.0 and holding that until monday, i jumped up to 166.8 and stagnated there. yesterday was my first full day at 1350 calories and today? 164.2.

i know i don't usually discuss good numbers like that except on weigh day, but... oh, man. i have a rough weekend coming up. my sister is going to be in town (bad) and my fun uncles (good!) for my brother's graduation from training (good!) and subsequent move to another city for the sort of dangerous job (bad) and the party (gooobad) my parents are having for him on sunday.

so, what do i do? how do i handle this? there's going to be an awful lot of seltzer in my weekend, i know that. and veggies (my mom is bound to have veggies at the party... but i should check). as long as i put off eating the real food and drinking the real drinks, i'll have control. it will be okay.

today i had my delish french toast for breakfast with 1/4 cup of grapefruit (i bought it weeks ago for breakfasts and JUST got around to eating it then yesterday, but... i already ate almost all of it.), packed my almonds, woven wheats and apple for snacks, plan on getting a really good salad for lunch with lots of veg, light dressing and protein, and am making chicken parm for dinner, but i'll bake my chicken and skip the cheese.

oh, and today, bk and i are having a MAJOR LEG DAY! i expect to have to use my arms to get up and down from the toilet for about the next two weeks between bk and spinning.

by the way... i noticed something. this morning as i climbed into the shower and turned to close the curtain i caught a glimpse of myself (waist up) in the mirror and everything looked... okay. my trunk is a little soft and stretch marked, but my stomach doesn't stick out. my arms have a waggle but it's not too noticeable. my boobs are practically at my waist (what's left of them) but i can just always wear a bra! now, my legs. my legs are another story. they're each holding ten of the 30 pounds i'd still like to lose. but we'll get there.

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