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Monday, February 01, 2010

aunt dot

when i was a kid, my mom called your period a "visit from aunt dot" kinda like message boards now call it "aunt flo" but dot = period. get it? it was always especially confusing to me because i HAVE a great aunt dot.

yeah, so, pms.

man, i ate SO MUCH chocolate this weekend. SO F'ING MUCH. it was astounding. and carbs. and wine (okay, two glasses). but i stayed in my calories! i DID! and i shredded DOUBLE DUTY on saturday! i did level two and then i did level one! AND THEN i did 17.5 minutes on my mini stepper! i worked out SO HARD!

so, would anyone like to explain why, after several days at 166.4, the scale blinked a cheerful 168.2 at me again this morning?

is it just a monday thing??

i would be lying if i said this didn't affect me at all. i mean, i even counted the brownie batter spoon i licked! i stepped for two and a half minutes longer than i planned to! i really, really tried this weekend.

so. oh, well. maybe, by some miracle, the scale will say 166 tomorrow. maybe i actually have a chance of getting PAST -70 next week. maybe i won't lose another pound ever, but my 2x a week training-- which starts tomorrow-- and my 2x a week spinning-- which starts in three weeks-- and my shredding (which goes to level THREE next week!!) will get me so ripped that i actually WILL make it to size 8 without ever getting below 168.

well. we'll see.

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