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Tuesday, February 02, 2010

a number on the scale does not dictate my worth

hoooooooooooooooo, boy. today sucks my metaphorical balls. because i cannot form coherent paragraphs, bullets:
  • we got notice yesterday that our landlord is doing a lease renewal inspection. TOMORROW. our lease is up in OCTOBER.
  • our apartment has two or three issues caused by my husband's erstwhile anger management problem. (busted screen on the slider and a busted soapdish-- the ceramic tiled-on kind.) (he's over it, both happened when we first moved in and, hi, better he should hit STUFF than ME, no?)
  • we cannot afford to move right now and i am terrified that we will be evicted. i blame him, obviously, since i am an asshole.
  • i didn't shred last night because we were in a cleaning FRENZY.
  • i feel like ass about that.
  • 168.2
  • i feel like ass about that, too.
  • i have a shit ton to do tonight (training, a friend date, more cleaning) so i will have ONE DAY to prepare for my grad school interview on thursday.
  • work sucks.
  • by the time i was headed to the kitchenette for my coffee, all i could think about was the full sized reese's cups that had be languishing there for WEEKS. i'd resigned to eating them. they were gone.
FOCUS: water. calories. nutrients. workout. fun friend-date.

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