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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(day 10 of 17)


weight: 146.2 (-0.4 since yesterday, -4.4 overall)
breakfast: lowfat yogurt smoothie with pineapple & blueberries
lunch: egg salad (2 eggs + 2 whites w/ ff ranch) and celery
snack: green bell pepper
dinner: grilled chicken breast, romaine, and ff caesar
workout: nada, going to the library

AGAIN today i've already cheated. and have plans, even, PLANS! to cheat again with the other square of last night's secret snickers peanut butter bar. dude, it's not as good as regular snickers.

today, for the first time in a really, really long time, i feel like i look nice. normal. i'm quite close to "normal" too, so maybe i do look it. i'm looking forward, though, to another 10-15 pounds, a smaller size, a better waist:hip ratio (mine is an indicator or excellent heart health, but also an indicator of omg, you will never find pants that fit! i took my measurements on monday: 34-29-42. what the WHAT! don't get me wrong, i'm loving 34" and 29" but 42"? that's crazy. perhaps a nice 38" would be better. less peary.)

i also have plans for 2 buddy-workouts (a run with bk and spinning with k) and then two food/drink-centric weekend events (a bachelorette and a baby shower). i will add a workout on saturday and will absolutely not indulge on sunday.

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