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Thursday, July 28, 2011

i can make it (day 11 of 17)


weight: 145.2 (-1.0 since yesterday, -5.6 overall)
breakfast: scrambled eggs
lunch: erm, no idea
snack: tomatoes!
dinner: possibly grilled chicken and zucchini
workout: hill workout with bk

so, okay, i'm almost back to the weight i glimpsed briefly in september, which is cool because it's almost freaking september again. but, hey, if i get myself down to like 142 in the next 6 (!! :D !!) days, it will be all new weight and i'll have like 14 dietable weeks (not counting vacation) before the holidays come and not gaining becomes priority #1.

like that logic? that logic also makes it remotely possible that i will be down to 125 come christmas. (bwahahaha!)

yeah, so, i'm super fucking tired of this, and i'm consuming more artificial sugar than i'd like (diet coke, coke zero and sugar-free caramel iced coffees are my faaaaaaaaaaaaavorites). but it's almost over and there's a re-entry plan and... yeah. okay. i can make it 6 days.

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