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Sunday, July 24, 2011

(day 7 of 17)


weight: 148.0 (-0.8 since yesterday, -2.8 overall)
breakfast: lowfat yogurt smoothie with strawberries & peach
lunch: spring mix salad with... chicken & ff ranch?
snack: farmers' market tomatoes with sea salt!
dinner: possibly scrambled eggs with broccoli?
workout: stationary bike

that's better. yesterday was a pretty perfect diet day, except for the three (3!) no-sugar-added fudgecicles. look, it's 105* F here (not today, thank god) and we have sweet teeth (is that the plural?) so we bought a box of 40 calorie fudgecicles. we'd been working with 14 calories "philly swirl" popcicles, but they weren't TASTY. apparently the fudgecicles are a bit TOO tasty, but we've made a deal to get back to one a day.

yesterday was also the first day mr. man cheated by having some bbq pork and meatballs at a party. he's not up yet, but i hope he doesn't freak if (when) he has a sodium bump. i know the hosts (and dislike them, so i made my excuses) and i KNOW that they did not make that food from scratch. i fully expect he'll be down 10 pounds tomorrow anyway, so whatever, right? who among us wouldn't love to drop 10 pounds in a week?

this diet is becoming more and more cumbersome. i don't "crave" carbs, but i feel SAD that i can't have them. perhaps i'd feel better about it if i was losing fast like he is, but truthfully, i think this is pretty much my normal cracked-down pace.

i hope to see a couple of pounds this week. originally, i'd hoped to see 10 from the whole thing, but with only 10 days left, i don't anticipate dropping 7 more, especially since i have a baby shower and a bachelorette party next weekend. but who know, when dear old aunt flo leaves town, anything is possible.

one really great thing we've taken away from this experiment already is the joy of smoothies. i hope this helps parlay us into the land of green monsters. i make our smoothies with a stick blender in the 2-cup container that came with it. the larger pieces of frozen fruit (strawberries) give it some trouble, but the fresh fruit gets blended with no problem. they're the only way he likes yogurt and i hope later i can make them for him with the extra protein punch of greek yogurt (for now that's too expensive, since we're supposed to be going through 4 cups of yogurt a day) (we only manage 3 since i can't-- won't-- eat yogurt 2x a day).

today, i really miss my dunkin' egg white/turkey sausage flatbread and half a donut. c'est la vie.


bastard STILL FREAKING LOST. 0.2 pounds, but STILL. "oh, that i were a man, i'd eat his heart in the marketplace!" (ten points for the play, one for the author!)

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