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Monday, July 25, 2011

the final frontier (day 8 of 17, end of week 1)


weight: 146.8 (-1.2 since yesterday, -4 overall)
breakfast: lowfat yogurt smoothie with strawberries & peach
lunch: spring mix salad with chicken & ff ranch
snack: baby carrots
dinner: lowfat kosher hotdogs with okra
workout: finally a run! even if i have to go in the rain!

so, obviously, i love -4 pounds in a week. especially THESE 4 pounds. i'm less than a pound away from getting back to -90 and from there it's all new territory (mostly)!

there is little hope that i will lose 10 pounds from this adventure (supposedly, cycle 1 "promises" 10-15 pounds) but anything is possible. often a long plateau or set-point gets busted and then there's a short weight-loss free for all. so, ya know, i'm working for that.

mr man unfortunately had a small gain today, possibly a delayed reaction from that party on saturday, and didn't make -10 this week, but he's still quite close and has lost more than a pound a day.

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