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Tuesday, July 12, 2011


soooo... yeah. this weekend my husband was out of town visiting his mom's family. this sort of causes about fifty million unpleasant emotions for me, including loneliness and resentment. as it happens, my parents were on vacation and my two brothers who live locally were visiting my other brother. my most-local friend was road-tripping and my tied-for-third most local friend is on her honeymoon. this is how my weekend played out, for the sake of accountability:
  • thursday: i bought two bags of reduced guilt pita chips and ate 1/2 of one before
  • my husband picked me up from work to head directly to the airport
  • but first we grabbed some pizza at 3pm
  • after dropping him off, i went to my 3rd most local friend's new apartment
  • where i smoked cigarettes and drank crystal light until about
  • 8:30 when i left, eating the rest of that bag of chips in the car on the way to
  • the grocery store for some diet soda, seltzer, skim milk and slow-churn instant milkshakes
  • one of which i had right after i skyped with my husband at his mother's house
  • then i watched a couple episodes of star trek: the next generation streaming on netflix until i fell asleep.
  • friday: i got up late and waited to hear from him until i had to
  • go to the tailor to pick up my other two dresses all taken in and stuff
  • i picked up an iced coffee on the way
  • and on the way home i got an egg white & turkey sausage flatbread sandwich from dunkin donuts (with no cheese this is 4 points+, i think or 5)
  • and 25 chocolate munchkins! i told myself they'd last 4 days.
  • then i chatted with him, hung around doing mostly nothing and ate all them munchkins
  • canceled my gym date because of the downpour
  • and made myself a zucchini risotto, 1/2 of which i ate
  • then i stuck with diet soda and smokes until 10ish when
  • i had another milkshake before skyping goodnight and going to bed.
  • saturday: had a lot of potential because it started, as all mine do lately, with a trip to the personal trainer
  • then the farmers market where i got talked into having a huge falafel pita at 10:30 am. it was excellent.
  • i didn't buy any bread though, and the only sweet was a pot du creme.
  • but then... i went to a local brewery for a tour and 3 beers with my second most local friend
  • and she came home with me
  • and we ate pizza AND fries with another beer
  • then a milkshake with some buffy the vampire slayer
  • before going to bed.
  • sunday: we stopped at dunkin for coffees and a flatbread (for me, and my parents' dog)
  • before i dropped k at the trolley
  • then my grandmother called and it was decided that i would take her to a viewing that night so
  • i did my schoolwork and my weekly self mani-pedi
  • and ate the rest of my risotto and headed out
  • to visit the doggie again on the way to my grandmas.
  • we were in and out of the viewing in 30 seconds flat.
  • then she wanted to go to the diner for a hamburger
  • but it was closed for renovations!
  • so we headed toward a little italian byo
  • and it was closed for vacation!
  • then a second italian byo was packed
  • so we went to her usual italian place.
  • where we ate so. freaking. much.
  • the bread is focaccia,
  • and we had a sausage & polenta appetizer
  • penne with vodka sauce
  • and a slice of tiramisu.
  • after that, we watched a movie until i had to leave to pick up my husband at the airport.
  • and he and i shared a beer before bed.
not too surprisingly, i was up 4.4 pounds. OUCH. that was yesterday. today, i've dropped off 2.2 of those, so i'm encouraged. i didn't exactly nail the plan yesterday, and still don't have breakfast & lunch for the week, but it was obviously better. i need back on the exercise bandwagon, though, don't i?

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