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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

tmi (day 3 of 17)


weight: 149.8 (+/-0 since yesterday, -1.0 overall)
breakfast: lowfat yogurt smoothie with blueberries & pineapple
lunch: spring mix with hard boiled eggs & fat free ranch
snack: a hugh cucumber from my neighbor's covetable garden
dinner: chicken sausage & broccoli
workout: stationary bike

hm. obviously this is a slight disappointment (especially given that mr man dropped 2 again!) but i can identify some reasons:
  1. at a jewelry direct-sale party last night i stuck to veggies and (full fat) dip... until the end when i scarfed down some pretzels
  2. TOM. tomorrowish.
  3. this diet? not so conducive to pooping. as in, i haven't. in days.
solutions? keep it up! tomorrow i have a farewell dinner with a friend who's leaving for med school, but also an am workout with BK and the day off from work (to work on BNGS stuff), so i'll get my full 2 yogurts in and try the whole warm-water-with-lemon thing, too.

anyway. i'm pleased for my husband. he was feeling really down about his gain and now he's dropped off everything he gained while visiting his mother, so that's a great start. soooo... yeah. things are going okay. i guess i won't be losing 17 pounds in 17 days, lol.

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