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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

go for the fruit (day 2 of 17)


weight: 149.8 (-1.0)
breakfast: yogurt w/ sf peach preserves, 2 eggs+1 white & a peach
lunch: spring mix with canned chicken & fat free ranch
snack: baby carrots, sliced turkey
dinner: chicken, peppers & onions
workout: rest

so... last night i didn't do hill repeats but i did run a mile like the cops were chasing me. i'm sore today! sure, it's been a while since i've run, but not so long that i should be sore from ONE MILE. i don't know if i should credit my finally-set-up ipod (full of punk, dancehall and... i dunno, soulish current lady singers?) or the knowledge that i ONLY had to do one mile. i also ate a lowfat kosher hotdog (no bun, obvs) because mr. man suggested it after my workout. he, btw, is down 2 pounds. i think i would be down a bit more without the dog, which was lowfat but regular sodium, but i'm good. if it keeps up this pace all 17 days, i will pass my original goal of 135 :D and be on my way to the 125 of my dreams.

tonight i have schoolwork to do and a jewelry party to attend, so there won't really be time for a workout.

lessons learned about the trendy two and a half week diet? 1 tbs of sf preserves is not enough to flavor lowfat plain yogurt. go for the fruit.

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Miss S. said...

Congrats on the loss. Sometimes the least likely things make us sore. You are so close to your goal!