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Monday, July 18, 2011

a farewell to carbs (day 1 of 17)

look. i'm no fan of drastic fad diets. i've been plugging along at this all eat-less-move-more for like 4.5 years. i'm at the last 15 pounds. i'm stalled and unmotivated. and my husband has gained some weight back and he needs to turn it around fast.

so, after much discussion, we're starting a version of the 2.5 week, low carb diet that's making the rounds. (a bootlegged version, thus i'm not telling you the name. you're bright, you'll figure it out.)

the carbs in our plan are yogurt and fruit, two servings each.


weight: 150.8 (+/-o)
breakfast: yogurt smoothie with frozen blueberries & a peach
lunch: spring mix with hard boiled eggs & fat free ranch
snack: a cucumber, 2 small tomatoes with olive oil, salt & basil
dinner: turkey burgers & zucchini
workout: hill repeats (?)

i'm excited to break my plateau, become a faster runner and get soooooo cloooooose to my goal, f'ing finally. really, really excited.

dude, and the yogurt smoothie? was filling and not half bad. color me shocked.

**noonish update**

the smoothie lasted me til noon! the eggs and ff ranch salad was delish. the cucumber will wait a while. i feel fine, if a little antsy for my after-lunch tootsie roll. going with gum instead. psyched for TWO turkey burgers! (i'm keeping my food in ww and sticking to my p+ allowance.)

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