count down to goal

Friday, January 29, 2010


extra cardio: not check
shred: check but not *as hard* as i could have
calories: check
nutrients: check


so, my husband went out, which is often a recipe for DISASTER for me. but i watched a movie (good dick was awesome, if overly indie and slightly disjointed, and i want everyone to see it to understand how i feel all the time) and then shredded. and then... yeah, i was going to do some more exercise of some kind. stepper, steps, even level 1. but i didn't. i watched another movie instead (trucker which was worth it for the broody nathan fillion).

i baked peanut butter brownies for my husband to show him that i really, REALLY appreciate his cleaning the kitchen on wednesday. i didn't eat one, but i'd say about 15% of one stuck to the pan and, well, everybody knows edges and broken ones have no calories.

(i'm logging it!)

today's a long day-- over nine hours at the office-- and i'm tired from waiting up for my husband to come home. focus is, as ever: water, calories, nutrients, shred.

weekend goals: water, calories, nutrients & 2 hours of formal exercise.

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