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Monday, August 24, 2009

aaaaaaaaaaand we're back

i forgot weigh-ins are on tuesday now. so, tomorrow you get the bad news.

in four weeks i'll have been married for THREE YEARS. i'm 25. is that weird? it FEELS weird.

i'm going low on carbs-- basically avoiding having more than one or two servings of carb exchanges a day and making sure there's protein and/or fiber in serious amounts at every meal. that works for me. water, coffee and club soda are my only beverages and i WILL get back to the track.

i think my goal is to weigh 164 on my anniversary. that will be revised based on tomorrows numbers, of course.

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Ellen said...

Hmmm, meatless, tofu-less, grain-less meals…That is certainly a conundrum. We are eating primarily based on the Paleolithic era human diet, as adjusted by Mark Sisson in his Primal Blueprint. Check out for more info. The thing is, the diet is based on the hunter-gatherer approach, which is focused on meat/fish/eggs, good fats (nuts, animal fats, non-seed plant based oils like olive and coconut, but NOT high omega-6 oils like canola, etc.) and vegetables, with some fruit (preference for berries). No grains or legumes (which includes soy, lentils, etc), and the dairy thing is moderate to none (depending on how hardcore you are). Pretty much all of proteins in the strategy are animal based (although there are small amts of protein that come from vegetables). On your non-meat days do you do eggs? If so, I love to make frittatas with some kind of theme (artichoke hearts, kalamatas and feta cheese for a “Greek” theme; Pasilla peppers, mushrooms and pepper jack cheese for a spicy theme, etc.). I actually whip the eggs with a manual eggbeater so that they are super fluffy. For protein we’ve been eating eggs, chicken, salmon, some beef, and there’s a piece of frozen buffalo in the freezer we will thaw at some point. From that list, I guess only the eggs would apply!