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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

in lieu of talking about THAT NUMBER

i spend a lot of time thinking about how i will dress when i'm thin. A LOT. i do this thing i call "imaginary shopping" where i keep a running cart (or bag, depending on the store) of clothes in a size 10/m and stores i love like ann taylor, loft, gap, banana republic, j. crew... i could go on. but instead, i'll show you my current obsession:

this beautiful suiting dress from j. crew pretty well exemplifies what i want my daily attire to be. well-fitted basics accessorized with fabulous shoes, wild details and omfg COLOR.

for now, i'm a jeans and barely-above-a-tee girl, but that's on its way out, i promise.

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MackAttack said...

Ohh I love fantasy shopping! Beautiful dress!