count down to goal

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

overbooked and the case for mediums

this fall i will be spending 14 evenings and 2 8-hours days in class. i will also volunteer 3-5 times for a full (long) night at a local theater festival. i will study for the graduate record exams, bake weekly, cook a real meal that takes hours and hours weekly, visit friends i haven't seen in over a year, host a hayride & bonfire, host a small oktoberfest party, attend a beer-tasting, celebrate our third anniversary and keep my apartment in order.

but will i lose 20 pounds?

... ... ...

it's been freezing in my office lately due to the new tenants and their hot flashes. this morning, wearing my new white sandals, i pulled out a white old navy blazer, size large, from easter about five years ago. it fit. easily. it was roomy. two of the gap tops i bought at the outlets (the same blousey thing in two sizes) look like painters' smocks.

i'm still squeezing into my 14 jeans, though.

i don't even know what i WANT to do. i've overbooked myself AGAIN.


Hadley said...

I totally feel your GRE pain.

I'd say look at that list and prioritize what matters to you. Do you really need to spend hours and hours every week on a single meal? How about doing it every few weeks instead? Are both the hayride and oktoberfest really important? Could you maybe merge them instead?

You'll find a way to work through it. You've come so far already! You can do this.

Allison said...

Sounds like an extremely busy, but fun, fall season. I think if you can focus on fitting in like 30 minutes a day of activity...not necessarily something big, like running or doing 1,000 sit-ups or whatever...but just keep it simple, then you could probably meet your goal.
I know it's easier to write out than it is to accomplish. But really, you're such a Renaissance woman (school? theater? cooking/baking? hosting? wow!), you could totally do it.
Also: so jealous of the hayride and bonfire! The only hayrides around these parts are for kiddies. :(