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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

conversations with the bossman (again)

i was quite taken aback when my boss mentioned my weight loss again today. even more so because he drew a clear comparison between MY weight and HIS weight (of 400+ pounds, i expect). i think i've mentioned before, this man in a friend of my father's whose known me since i was a tiny child. and my freaking BOSS. two very good reasons not to EVER say ANYTHING about my body. least of all that it looks "really, really good."

additionally? "keep up the good work"? i mean... really?? for all you know, dude, this is goal. the end of the line. a size 14 is pretty normal for my whole life. what makes you think i wasn't going for this??


moving right along... yesterday we went to an impromptu cook-out and i sort of threw caution to the wind. (a margarita, a cheese burger, chips, fries, corn, salad & potato salad.) a full weekend of eating outside the pan has been rough recovery. today will be better.


Allison said...

Wow, your boss sounds like Creepy McCreeperson for real.
By the way, that dress you posted is gorgeous!

MackAttack said...

That's so weird! Why do people think they can talk about our weight? my 'favorite' is 'you look so much better!' Makes me mad every time!