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Thursday, August 06, 2009

hmmmm, dresses...

have i mentioned that my stepsister-in-law is getting married in 41 weeks? (er... give or take.) and that i looked like a cow at my wedding, and feel VERY STRONGLY about certain etiquette rules (no black at weddings UNLESS it's black tie), and that i'd like to look amazing at someones wedding, and that, frankly, i don't get invited to many and probably WON'T get invited to many?

well, yes. that's happening.

and i'm currently obsessing over clothes (as you know) and have fallen in love with the following j. crew dresses:

cecilia, in mediterranean blue, which is a very good color for me

don't remember her name, in spiced wine (but i think it's more of a magenta) and i would do MUCH better things with my hair

don't remember her name, but i ADORE the vintage blue

sophia, my wedding dress, short, in vintage blue

i kinda hate strapless dresses as the go-to for weddings, but in this color? i'd wear sackcloth and feel like a goddess, plus i love the pintucked hem

well, SURE, i suppose you could say i'm obsessed with j. crew. it's probably true. i love j. crew like i love ann taylor. i can't wait to not feel like a monster going into those stores. (though i'll still shop mainly online, i'm sure, once i know my sizes there, cause of the BARGAINS.)
so, which dress do you think?
and: is it totally sick to buy it now (or soon, like when it goes on sale) in an 8 for a may wedding? i expect to be able to wear an 8 dress in roughly 25-30 pounds... i can *almost* pull off a 10 (i have an eeny-tiny waist) right now.
and in addition... my boss. yes. he sounds creepy. i feel very uncomfortable here of late. i look forward to my great escape. which should be happening in, oh, summer 2011?


TJ said...

I love that first dress with the lil sleeves!!! Very cute! :)

Hadley said...

I've also got a family wedding (in my case, my brother's) as part of my "I want to look gorgeous at this particular moment in time" motivation.

I'd say, if you're okay with the fact that you might not be able to wear it and won't mind wasting that amount of money in return for the extra motivation of wearing the dress, go for it. If you're not okay with the idea that you could waste whatever amount of money the dress is, then don't. It's really just a matter of how dear the money is vs. how much it would motivate you, with a side of "assuming it does fit you, what are your chances of finding a dress you like a comparable amount closer to the event."

My guess is that you'll be able to find something just as nice when you're shopping near the wedding.

Note: if it went on an extreme sale and you don't need the money, I'd probably jump on it.

becklette said...

i know! i adore cecilia... if they had cecilia in vintage blue i'd snap it up. i don't know why i didn't get the long, ivory cecilia for my wedding... maybe they didn't have it yet (almost three years ago).

as for the money... i won't buy it until it goes on sale. sometimes they go as low as $50, i'd buy a 6 for $50! i know i'll be able to find one closer to the actual date: any one of those in next spring's colors.

MackAttack said...

those are soo adorable! I love the sophia :)

Kailyn said...

All those dresses are looking pretty fab. #2 dress is my most favorite. I like to design and color.

Abbigail said...

All those dresses are looking pretty fab. #2 dress is my most favorite. I like to design and color.

elife said...

I LOVE the Sophia in the vintage blue. In fact, I think I have to buy one now, even though it doesn't fit yet. When would this sale be??

becklette said...

i have no idea when the sale will be... i just watch and wait.