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Monday, August 17, 2009

my scale works

(i know because i gained 6 pounds this weekend-- HOORAY!)

so, truthfully, this weekend wasn't exactly everything i'd dreamed it would be. i spent saturday morning making shortbread for my dad's birthday present and two of the five batches need to be re-done. which means two of the fave batches are sitting in my kitchen, perfectly good but not PERFECT, waiting to be eaten. then a long drive to the shore where we went directly to the restaurant where my family was having dinner and i discovered i had a very nice visitor a fucking week early. i proceeded to eat the most amazing meal of my life: a glass of chimay white, a buffalo mozzarella salad, penne and prosciutto in a light cream sauce with tomatoes and kahlua ice cream. sunday was a hurry-up and wait deal, until we went ot the boringest party EVER where i had 2 beers and too much pasta. then i stormed the outlets and spend $100 in less than an hour on 4 shirts (two of which are so big they look like painters smocks) and a pair of shoes that are slightly imperfect and if i'd realized it i'd have gotten a damn discount.

i feel generally crappy today-- bummed that i didn't walk this morning, bummed that i ate shortbread for breakfast, bummed that i spend money on stuff i'm not thrilled with... ugh. i don't know when i'll really get to recharge.

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Trula said...

Don't you hate when that happens! I feel your pain, I've gained back some weight too. sending you good exercise vibes!