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Thursday, August 27, 2009

"i've been meaning to tell you..."

yesterday afternoon, a coworker stopped by my office to tell me she'd noticed how good i looked. it wasn't TOOOOO awkward. but then i felt like crap because i'd eaten chicken nuggets, 1/2 a black and white shake and 1/2 an order of fries for lunch. crap.

i have a planning problem. i can only plan for one contingency. like yesterday. my girlfriend came into town to meet me for lunch (she works second shift), like we do about once a week. normally we go to the teeny, fair-trade, veganish coffee shop. we each get a multi grain bagel with veggie cream cheese. she has a coffee, i have an iced cafe au lait with splenda and skim. yesterday, though, i was going to get a slice of broccoli quiche on a bed of spring mix. but they were closed. for vacation. so we headed towards the place that serves the best chicken ceasar salad in town-- i get it dry and crutonless. but they were packed. so we went to the nearest place: the small-chain burger joint. so we shared the fries and shake, but the sugar bug had me.

i tried to compensate by eating a huge bowl of tomatoes dressed with olive oil, s&p and fresh basil for dinner with a 45 calorie hebrew national hot dog for protein. i took two bites of my husband's mac & cheese, and felt fine about that. but later, i made peanut butter brownies for my fil. he's laid up after ankle surgery and my husband is taking him to a follow-up appointment right now. last week i sent him his favorite pumpkin custard. this week, peanut butter brownies. except, oh, the licks, the tastes. i went to bed with a stomachache.

lots and lots of things i can bake with only one taste (a fingertip) to make sure some part of it it right-- i tend to read measurements like "one teaspoon" and "a splash" so sometimes added flavors aren't quite right. but brownie batter? i lurve it. and peanut butter? my fave.

this morning i was rushed, but i think i made out all right:
  • 3/4 cup of the fiber & flax cereal i'll never buy again (it's sweetened!), 200c
  • honey-flavor 0% greek yogurt, 120c
  • 1.75 oz. container of peanut butter, 300c
  • celery (3 5ish" pieces), 10c
  • 10 grape tomatoes, 20c
  • an apple, 80c

so... okay, i guess 730 calories isn't GREAT for my up-til-dinner eating, but i've got enough food to last me the day, for sure. maybe i'll make some popcorn while i cook dinner? eh. i will if i'm hungry. if not, i'll eat a 500 calorie dinner. what. ever.

oh, hey. so this walking 1/2 marathon THING. i'm doing this training schedule with the hopes of walking this half marathon on a christmassy visit to my mother-in-law. does anyone want to, umm, i dunno, train with me??


Ellen said...

Warning: Giant comment, below!

I guess when I said frittata, I really meant big, fluffy open-face omelet! No potatoes for us. Definitely other sautéed veggies, though! The salad thing – I know, it is a tricky thing! We get a giant box of mixed greens and split between 10 big bowl tupperwares. I buy it on Sunday and find the one with the longest expiration date. We include mainly drier ingredients, but they are a little moist. I do NOT mix the salads up. So, the bottom half of the bowl is the mixed greens. Then I layer ingredients, starting with the driest first touching the greens. Sliced bell peppers (red, green, yellow) and carrots first, then sliced cucumber (English/hot house are not that “juicy”), water-packed artichoke heart quarters squeezed of all excess juice, firm grape tomatoes (washed and dried thoroughly), and a couple of olives (kalamata or black) that have been dried thoroughly with a paper towel to remove juice. Blue cheese crumbles and cold sliced chicken/steak go on the very top (you could use black beans/garbanzos for meat free). We specifically AVOID the following because they don’t stay fresh: sliced mushrooms (turn brown), any type of tomato that is cut open, avocado (turns brown), anything else extremely moist. We have found these salads last 5 days with great “freshness.” Beyond 5 days? Nope. Day 6, maybe, but day 7 I know for a fact is no longer fresh :( We keep balsamic and olive oil at work and dress and mix the salads right before eating. Now that we’re transitioning away from dairy (no more blue cheese…sigh…) we’ll bring an avocado to work each day to split and add after dressing and mixing, instead.

Anonymous said...

I like your section on the side where you have losted your prizes for your weight loss! It's fun to see that you are giving yourself something you really want as reward for all your hard work. You have achieved a huge loss. Be proud of yourself!