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Thursday, June 17, 2010


152.2 today, through no efforts of my own. okay, THAT'S not true, but really, i could have done better.

after work, we had to go to my grandmother's town to a) pick up our car from the mechanic A. GAIN. and b) return hers which she'd generously lent us-- and does everytime we have to leave ours at the shop. so, we hightail it there, get the car, spend two minutes talking to her and get home about two minutes before e picks me up for spinning. okay, more like ten. i managed to change and eat a piece of toast (on top of the pretzels and hershey kiss i grabbed at gma's) and run out.

last night was our last class for the summer and BOY did hm work us! for the third week in a row i didn't feel like i could keep up and sweat was dripping off my face. kinda gross. but awesome.

when i got home, my husband had to go out to band practice, and i was so hot (from class + it was 80*) that i just ate ice cream (light) with a dollop pf peanut butter on top. then an apple twizzler type-candy*. then some more pb. an ak mak cracker. a 100-cal pack* of shortbread. and finally went after some very old, store-bought "buttercream" frosting in my fridge. and THEN... i realized that what i really wanted was my whole wheat pasta and turkey meatballs. but it was 11 pm and i was long out of calories. so i went to bed.

anyway, my legs are KILLING me, so i'll be taking some advil all day so i can walk with my honey tonight. and tonight's weights will be upper body & ab focused. and today i will be on plan and tomorrow i will be... 152.0 or less?

and by the way, i'm still loving calorieking. they've got me on 1300 calories a day, but you can miss target by up to 150 calories in either direction. and they measure your macro-nutrients for you, which is awesome cause i need to watch my protein (or i lose my hair-- my PRECIOUS hair) and my fiber (and if you've been reading me for all of a week, you know why).

*candy & cookies left over from making and edible island for the topper of smil's luau birthday cake.

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