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Friday, June 18, 2010

japanese food

mister man and i are getting japanese food tonight. i. can't. wait.

have i told you i feel like the world's pickiest eater? i do. i'm weird about flavors and textures. i don't eat whole wide categories of foods: seafood, melon, baby things, things with their faces still attached. so, when we go for japanese, i get... hibachi veggie fried rice. healthy, right? and, no, before you ask, i don't even like the vegetable sushi. sushi skeeves me. so, fried rice and spring rolls for me.

there was a time when we ate out three or more times a week. in a two week cycle we'd have pizza twice, chinese food twice, japanese once (it's more expensive), thai once (i like it less) and maybe wawa sandwiches once or twice. now, it's a planned indulgence. it's celebratory, actually. wednesday was our five year--gag-- date-a-versary. my husband and i met on june 11, 2005 and by the 16th, we were inseparable. so, now, when i've set up my whole week to support a dinner out? god, i'm nervous. what if i bloat? what if my guesstimates are very badly wrong (i've used ck numbers for foods from large, chain pan-asian restaurants) and i'm going over by a zillion calories? what if... what if...

i had a little bounce back today to 152.6. it's weird... i thought... well, i thought i'd be thinner at this weight. that's all. i'm still holding on to hope for 151.8 by monday.

tomorrow will be fine. good, actually, since we'll be busy little bees getting ready for our big fathers' day lunch. but sunday? fraught. my fil, smil, gmil, parents, brothers, sister, her partner and her mother are coming. wtf? i'm so intensely stressed. my sister has not been to my apartment since 2006. her partner has NEVER been and seriously, the mother? i think i met once. i'm positively stunned that they're coming AND that my sister had the nerve to add a plus one. my apartment doesn't really seat 13. or, you know, 6. this is going to be super-stressful. PLUS i'll need to work out the nutrition for all of my homemade food. gah. i'm so overwhelmed.

151.8. totally doable, right??

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Ten Pounds said...

I totally identify with the certain-food-textures-are-bad thing. I have a few textures I just can't eat at all. Mine include jelly/jello, mashed/creamed potatoes, porridge....