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Wednesday, June 02, 2010


today i weight LESS than i did when i was at my lowest weight in college. less, probably, than i ever did in high school. i might have weighed this little in... 8th grade? or 7th? maybe younger.

goal for monday is 153.8, and i have only to lose ONE POUND to get there.

bloggies, i am less than 10 pounds away from my "healthy" weight range and my july 12th goal. i am less than 20 pounds away from my ultimate goal-- the weight that just seems so low i can't imagine ever actually weighing it. i'm going to be there in september.

i can't stress enough how much i believe that consistent exercise is the reason for this. i've been working out regularly for about 5 months now-- undoubtedly the longest stretch i've gone in... ever. i've been doing AT LEAST one really, really hard workout a week (up to 3 the weeks i was training with bk AND taking spinning) and probably 5 or 6 workouts total, even if they were mostly half hour walks around the neighborhood. and, yes, having my partner be my PARTNER in this is just, wow, it's huge.

this week, i've made a couple new rules for myself:
  1. ice cream OR beer- we've been blessed with an abundance of good, free beer, and friends, we are beer people. we've also discovered the joy of edy's slow churned light ice cream (on sale or i never would have bought it). and as much as i could excuse having a serving of ice cream and a beer because they fit in my calories? i shouldn't. i should not be getting two or more treats every day. some days, sure. but every day? most? no.
  2. weight training on tuesdays, saturdays and alternate thursdays- since bk has been working at two gyms, taking arborist certification classes and, now, getting a job as an arborist, he doesn't have time to train his big sister for a measly $10 an hour. fortunately, his big sister foresaw this happening eventually and bought herself some heavy weights. unfortunately, without the need to coordinate with him, she's let her weight training slip to once a week or less. so, i didn't do it yesterday because of time constraints, but going forward, i'll do my weights on tuesdays, saturdays and alternate thursdays (when i don't have dr. y).
i think that these are two rules that i can follow long term. like... forever. my other goals for this week are to get at least 30 minutes of cardio a day, hit my calorie and nutritional targets and be very mindful at the parties this weekend.

153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8. 153.8...

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Anonymous said...

I, too, weigh a little bit less than what I weighed in high school. Kind of exciting! Fortunately, I have no girlfriends who care one way or another what I weigh. Of course, I don't discuss too much with them, and I try not to be too much of a pain in the butt about food, etc. I occasionally get snappy when people insist on pushing crap I don't want to eat, but only after I explain 2-3 times why I'm not interested in eating that, and they don't listen.