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Friday, June 04, 2010

so sleepy

last night, instead of going to the bar to see my husband's band play their first open mic since they got the singer singing lessons (oh, yes, really), i stayed home and baked 4 batches of cake (3 half-sheets and a pair of 8" rounds), then assembled the three tiers of the birthday cake i'm making (chocolate cake with vanilla filling, banana cake with chocolate filling, vanilla cake with banana filling) and crumb-coated them. and a made the purple & yellow glazes for my youngest brother's high school graduation party cookies.

i got home at 7:45 and baked/colored/flavored/prepared/frosted until 12:30. i am SO UNGODLY SLEEPY.

i'm also up to 155.8. ouch. maybe i shoulda kept my fingers out of the cake batter? and the chocolate frosting? and the decorator frosting? and... and... and...

153.8. two pounds. weekend from hell coming up. my plan? alas, it it to NOT DRINK.

tomorrow, i'll chug-a-lug water & seltzer until party time, and, in fact, for a few hours into the party. i'll have one cup of punch and a burger at the party. maybe some of the cake.

sunday... i'll be water-loading again, well into the party, where i'll nosh on roasted veggies and a little tortellini salad. and one of my mom's chocolate-almond refrigerator cookies. and a margarita.

as for tonight...

i need to leave work at 3 (summer hours!) go to BloodBath & Beyond for a couple of beverage dispensers, hit a grocery store for 9 liters of pineapple soda, a jar of tropical punch kool-aid, a couple cans of tropical fruit and... oh, gosh, shortbread cookies, rolos, green twizzlers, some ball-shaped brown candy... crap. and michaels for a bit more decorator frosting. holy shit. and then i have to work my ass off and finish these confections.

i've already consumed 20 ounces of coffee.

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Ten Pounds said...

Ha ha - I hope that singer was properly appreciative.