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Thursday, June 24, 2010

the incident

what do you get when a stress-out girl doesn't eat enough lunch then gets home to find her camera returned unfixed, no, we're just not gonna do it, thanks for buying the service plan though! and her stressed out husband goes out after a calorie-dense dinner and she sits down to watch a fluffy rom-com* alone?

an incident involving peanut butter chips. 1/4 cup of them. four servings. 320 calories worth.

they were calories i had to work with, but... damn. i could have done so much more with them. oh well, right?

i'm not sure where i stand food-wise today. i packed pb & j for lunch, breakfast was the usual (turkey bacon and toast) plus raspberries. i have an apple and a kiwi for snacks plus a fruit-leather type bar thing. i'll try to ensure there's a veggie on my pizza tonight.

exercise-wise, i'm planning on walking with the mister AFTER dark because, DAMN but it's 95* again! i'm also going to do the lower body & abs parts of my body-weight resistance circuit. but... my boob/armpit region is still KILLING me from the addition of push-ups on tuesday. so what do i do? skip them? i dunno. undecided.

weight today was 152.8, which is great. i'm practically jumping for joy.

i'm really ticked about this graduation party we have to go to on saturday. we offered to take my husband's grandmother's cousin (whom we've never met) to doctor's appointments once in a while. it's a long, sad story of her nephew demanding that she pay him hundreds of dollars to do things like deposit her social security check and pick up her prescriptions. now, when the offer was made it was strictly for doctor's appointments and understood that they would be in her area and all on one day/infrequent. she lives and hour away. so on saturday? we are driving there, picking her up, driving back, going to this godforsaken EIGHTH GRADE graduation party, driving her home and then coming home. that makes this 4.5 hour party and 8 hour (plus) time commitment for us. and the food is not likely to be healthy.

*TiMER doesn't suck as bad at it ought to... possibly because of my undying devotion to emma caulfield, possibly because desmond harrington is on dexter, possibly because i'm really good at suspending my disbelief and once you get past the INCREDIBLY STUPID and totally implausible set up, it's quite a charming little love story. and sisterhood didn't conquer all, though it was touch-and-go for a minute there.

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Ten Pounds said...

Woh - I didn't realise you could GRADUATE from eighth grade. Here across the ocean we just call it end of term and breathe a big sigh of relief.