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Monday, June 07, 2010

i need a weekend from my weekend

look, i'm going to weigh in tomorrow, because i assume that some of the fourish pounds i've gained since thursday (two by friday, a s-t-s and then two more yesterday) are going to go away.

for the record i did alright at party #1. i was running around ALL DAY so even though i ate a few chips, some crepes suzette and an extra glass of pineapple-banana punch and a few nibbles more of the cake than was strictly speaking planned for (how do you resist joining in when a five year old is going at the cake with a plastic fork at 9pm??), i feel fine about it. especially since i didn't have a jump on the scale.

yesterday, though? i think i drank a gallon of margaritas. and two beers. some tortellini salad. 3 or 4 soft pretzel sticks, faux cheese dip, 2 giant cookie, and a partridge in a pear tree. not good. not the plan. but? i managed to be SUPER nice to my sister, her partner AND my bitchy aunt. the booze helped with that.

today is back to normal (with the minor exception of... i don't think there are any fruits and veggies in my house or my lunch) complete with an extra-long walk. 153.8, please, universe.

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