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Monday, June 14, 2010


SQUEEEEEEEEEEEE! hubs and i are going to puerto rico in a month! i'm having some buyer's remorse about spending the $$ but this is going to be the vacation of a lifetime (so far).

our honeymoon, our last long, alone vacation, kinda sucked. i'll be honest with you: before our honeymoon, he and i had never actually spent a full week together without work or other distractions. it was... rough. we argued a lot. i felt really fat and out of shape (because i WAS) we didn't quite fit in the 2-seater tub, and we couldn't agree on what to do, like, EVER.

this time? HOOOO BOY. i plan to be down 9oish pounds from my honeymoon weight (236) and i'm, i dunno, kinda fit? hubs is -40ish right now and will probably be at least -50 in a month. and is also getting pretty fit. we've pre-booked a rainforest hike. i could just die. we're planning to rent a car and take a day in san juan, spend a day walking around the area where we're staying, spend a day lazing on the beach and take our hike one day. we'll have a mini-fridge in the room, so we'll buy fruit and veggies there, and pack some clif/special k protein bars and a small jar of peanut butter. and we'll eat out one or two meals a day, because DUH.

and the other squee... it's not mine to share. i'll edit when it's been shared, officially.

THE EDIT: go ahead a send your best wishes to The Recovering Actor, aka, the future Mrs. Gzilla.


oh, yeah, my weight. 153.8 today! woohoo! now, in order to meet my PUERTO RICO goal, i need to lose 2.2 pounds per week. a lot. kind of. more than i'm interested in shooting for this late in the game. but i'll try. if i don't make it? eh... i'll still make 150, which is damn good.

so: 151.6. 151.6. 151.6...

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Ten Pounds said...

Wow - what an excellent target to have. Sounds like the most fabulous holiday.