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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

in which i bore you with the details

okaaaaaaaaay. have i learned nothing? tuesday drop left me at 152.8! a new freaking low! so, now i'm *kinda* hoping to catch 151.0 this week, but i'll take anything up to 151.6. wow.

last night we didn't walk, but i did 100 crunches -- good ones-- and 15 minutes on my mini stepper while himself lifted weights. tonight is MY weights night, and it's a crazy night again, but i have to do it. so, today's plan:
  • breakfast- 2 slices turkey bacon, 1 slice complete protein toast, 1/4 tbs butter, 1 cup coffee
  • am snack- 1 raw green pepper, 4 ounces raw green beans
  • lunch- 1 serving turkey caesar pasta salad (450 cals, 8g protein, 8g fiber)
  • pm snack- small banana, kiwifruit with skin
  • dinner- pork chop, steamed broccoli
  • errands- pick up car, return gma's car, pick up rxes
  • workout- 1 hour weight workout, 30 minute walk
  • evening treat- 1/2 cup light ice cream
so... that plan? is basically all week. the dinners change, the errands change and the workouts swap in spinning for weights, but that covers it. this is basically my lose-it-all plan for the next three months.

now. i... am going on two separate tropical vacations in the next three months. on, yes, mil's town is TROPICAL. especially between april and october. i'm going to need bathing suits. oh. yes. so, where do you think i can find a long-torso, bandeau tankini top WITH CUPS and a skirted bottom, no pleats, that i can try on in-store AND buy in separate sizes??

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