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Friday, July 10, 2009

daily fluctuation

if i were weaker-minded (or perhaps just having one of my weaker-minded days) i would worry. i ate MORE OR LESS normally yesterday and fluctuated up 1.2 pounds.


uhhh, no. but diet soda make me puffy, we know this. as does my husband's heavily-salted cooking. (mmmm, but turkey burgers, new potatoes and corn on the grill while i make flashcards from my accounting notes? FUCKING DELICIOUS.) and i STILL haven't worked out. i suck monkey balls. but weekends were made for letting the mister sleep in while i relax with a book on the stationary bike, right? right.

has anyone enjoyed a light frappacino lately? years ago, when i first considered the switch, they were GUH-ROSS, but lately they're tasting perfectly nice... i think they used to be made with aspartame but now it's a splenda/sugar blend. well, i get my weekly sbux treat today while i make gre vocab flashcards. bliss. (ps: i <3 learning new words!)

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