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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

is beer on south beach?

on a total whim i decided to try the dreaded PHASE ONE starting, ya know, yesterday. it turns out that i WAY don't like enough protein foods to keep that up. yesterday i ate 1 scrambled egg + white, 3 hard boiled eggs, tons of lettuce, greek yogurt, a tomato, a cheeseburger patty, some canadian bacon, peanuts, "crunchy green beans" which i'm pretty sure are vacuum fried and three leffe browns. WHOOPS. (the peanuts & canadian bacon were totally my drunk food after our visit got cut short.)

i lost. go figure.

so, now i totally get how the whole no carb deal works-- of course, i'd never do it long term, but i have two family reunions in the next three weeks, and i wouldn't mind being a bit thinner for the second than the first. upshot? i made my famous frosted sugar cookies for the reunion this weekend and i've only eaten half of one.

barely related: do you ever get smacked in the face with a culture shock? telling my therapist about how hard it is for me to do south beach was met with a blank look and "so... what? does the south beach diet require a lot of protein or something?"


Allison said...

All protein/no carbs sucks. I can't do it either. Oh, and also because I can't live without fruit! Maybe rather than low-carb you could try a day or two of eating only raw food? I've pondered it, but haven't tried it yet.

MackAttack said...

I got sooo sick of eggs and cheese while on South Beach/Atkins. It is so hard to cut out an entire food group! But it does help weight loss, a lot.