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Monday, July 20, 2009

TUESDAY weigh day

okay. that's. fucking. it. i'm not posting my weight on mondays anymore. it's tuesdays for me. i *heart* my scale on tuesdays. mondays it just makes me want to cry.

this weekend? i fucked up. my sacred moon time, a friend from my drinkin'-and-smokin' days (who kinda grates my nerves), a fight with the mister, make-up take-out, an early morning movie, a restaurant i don't really like... excuses. here's what i ate this weekend:
  • friday lunch was a sausage & egg sandwich at sbux
  • friday dinner was veggie fried rice at home
  • saturday breakfast was a wawa hash brown, eggs, easter pie, 2 play-pretend mimosas and some home fries at home
  • saturday dinner was pizza and fries take-out
  • sunday breakfast was pretzel nuggets with cheese product, coke zero and reece's pieces at the movies
  • sunday lunch was popcorn
  • sunday dinner was zucchini fritte, caesar salad and a small chicken bryan without the lemon-butter sauce with broccoli at carrabas
  • sunday dessert was pound cake & a latte at my parents' house

okay, so where did i go wrong? FIRST of all, i didn't maintain anything that resembles a normal schedule. second, i ate mostly food prepared outside of my control. third, most of those things included absolutely no ingredients found in nature but loads of salt. i also flopped on water and exercise. so.

i DID go right a couple places. after eating a hash brown first thing in the morning on saturday, i went easy on the home fries. i skipped the bread at carrabas (um, but ate half my husband's fried zucchini & salt). i skipped the LOVELY spread at my 3pm meeting on saturday knowing that my husband would be hungry when i got home.

so, i'm on to ANOTHER crazy week. class is ongoing, plus i have to prep for a family reunion in the dc area next weekend (this involves baking seventy-two million of my famous soft, frosted sugar cookies), and lots and lots of other shit.

but i will not fuck up. and i'll post my weigh-in tomorrow. and it WON'T be 175.0.

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