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Monday, July 13, 2009

weekend job?

weekends are my downfall. really. it's because... i dunno. i guess it's because i have very little willpower? or perhaps because i happen to be a foodie who's not a work-outie. dude. i fucking LOVE good food.

last night, i could have done without the seconds of quinoa salad (with basil fresh from the garden, perfectly-- ACTUALLY-- vine ripened grape tomatoes and roasted pine nuts. i probably didn't need the bowl of blueberry cobbler, either. and saturday? was a bad. day. iced coffee and pop tarts was my breakfast of champions at noon. no, i don't have pop tarts in the house... i went out to get them. a taco salad including some of the shell and a bag of m&m's at the movies that i refused to share. then we share a pizza and fries while a girlfriend and i drank peach teas (the kinds with schnapps) and bitched about the menfolk.

saturday was not good.

i know why, too. it's because my husband went out tuesday, thursday & friday night and then again saturday morning. (i had class wednesday night.) it was definitely an anomoly, but when i'm alone? i eat.

perhaps i need a weekend job to keep me on schedule.

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