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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

hate to say i told you so

only, i don't. because i did. tell you so. 168.2 is a LOVELY number. so, SO much nicer then 175.0. a number achieved through one day of pushing water and super-clean eating. this will probably be my low until next tuesday, but i'm going to try to incorporate the method behind the tuesday drop (tm) into the rest of my week.

regardless, how much do you LOVE that "6"??


Ellen said...

Congratulations!!!!! Awesome :)

Did I say no carbs?? I meant to say no GRAINS. Ooops :P I've been reading a lot about the Paleo diet / Primal Blueprint and people seem to do fine without grains (or even better without them), which is what got me thinking about it. I could not live without masses of vegetables, which is why Atkins never worked for me -- limiting vegetables for me was like torture!

Learning to be Less said...

Great job! That is a SUPER AWESOME number. So happy for you. Inspiring!