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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

an improvement

i was best friends with my water bottle yesterday, despite the anxious feeling of my throat closing up. i drank about a liter and a half. i ate dinner because, well, i made one of my favorite meal for my husband. remember october/november? when i was so anxious i couldn't eat? the last big drop? uh huh. my accounting class starts today.

in any case... my weight did one of those nice overnight drops, so perhaps it was water i was retaining, not chips, burgers, pasta, beer and cheesecake. i have a lunch date today, so i will be eating-- and early enough that i won't be able to puke it up when it's time for class.

did i mention i've never, EVER, attempted to learn anything like accounting before? i majored in ACTING for god's sake. i'm one of those artsy-fartsy types. i *do* accounting every day at work, but i've never tried to *get* accounting. or get an a in accounting... which is what i really, really need to do.

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