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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

stayin' the same, stayin' the same!

i had this whole post written in my head about how my husband's step-sister is constantly forced to defend her weight loss to her big, italian, eat-more family (the opposite of my big, italian, eating-disordered family).

"are you losing more weight?" her grandfather will demand-- she's about 5'2" and maybe 115.

"nope, stayin' the same," she replies, every single time, "stayin' the same."

she lost 30 pounds of weight watchers a couple years ago, baby weight from her now 5-year-old daughter.

the end of the story was going to be about how I'M "stayin' the same, stayin' the same" and i wish it would end. but i gained 1/2 a pound. whoops.

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